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2020 Blues.....

Unfortunately for us, today normal is a thing that seems so far in the past. As we struggle to find some sense of humanity and humility we cease to discover the true issues we face in future decades. As we face a ongoing pandemic sweeping across our land you can't help but realize how much we have seemingly taken for granted. When we can no longer find the courage to come together and unify our minds to come up with a consensus that will solve the troubles that our children's, children will face in future decades; some may find themselves in a state of despair. This year has caused many to search within and allow creativity to take them to higher levels in understandings and gifting's. While other's have sunken into dark dimensions of addictions, greed, insensitivity, and hopelessness. We can only hope that those individuals with the endurance and vigilance to continue in the race of humanity and purity will overcome in such a way that either encourages another or lifts them to their desired levels of being. It is our pure desire here at Kutiez Company to develop a formula that will bring back a state of fellowship among all races and all countries of our beautifully crafted world.


#1 Kutie


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